Crystal clear ice, delivered on time.

Whether it’s for a birthday party, a tailgating event before the game, or just a casual family game night, the cheapest fun your customers have usually involves a bag of ice. Keep customers coming back to your store for their ice by partnering with Harman Ice! We make, transport, and restock crystal-clear ice on time so you have the supply you need to satisfy your customers.

A Brief History of Harman Ice

After 100+ Years, We’ve Learned a Thing or Two about Making Great Ice

Harman Ice has been around since 1915 when our founders, C. E. Walker and R. E. Harman, had the idea of starting a local business making and delivering quality ice in Johnson City, TN. The two brothers-in-law started out back when working in the ice business meant producing large, 300-pound blocks that were cut into smaller chunks and delivered to the community on horse and buggy. Yes, you read that right – on horse and buggy

Now, of course, we do things a little differently, but the one thing that’s never changed about us is we always use the highest quality processes and materials to bring our clients the absolute best quality ice as soon as they need it. That’s why we now operate in 5 states and produce 400 tons of ice per day, and that’s why our customers keep coming back to Harman Ice for their ice delivery needs.

Quality You Can Trust

Pure Ice

Ice is often one of the last consumptive goods most people think about when it comes to contamination – but Harman Ice maintains a high standard for safety. That’s why we manufacture our ice in the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA). The IPIA exacts the highest level of testing available and ensures we keep our ice free from harmful bacteria and other potential contaminants, so you can give your customers the purest, safest ice on the market.

Packaged Right

We package 115,000 seven-pound bags of ice per day in our facilities to ensure we always have enough ice to service each of our customers. Because our product is normally purchased with other products in our customers’ stores, we offer top-of-the-line packaging to ensure minimal leakage and maximum support, leaving your customers with a cleaner, better overall buying experience.

Delivered On Time

We maintain facilities close to our customers, allowing us to restock our ice faster than any other ice delivery service in the area. The logistics within our route delivery system and our 100+ years of experience minimizes out-of-stock situations, leading to increased sales and profits (and fewer headaches) for our customers.

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