Products and Services

  • Harman Ice offers full service packaged ice delivery to customers in Tennessee, southwest Virginia, and western North Carolina.
  • We offer our customers attractive, logoed, well maintained ice merchandisers that enhance the appearance of their establishments.
  • Private labeling and co-packing services are available. Contact us for more details.
  • Ice by the truckload for holidays, special events, or disaster relief. Click the link below for more details.

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Welcome to Harman Ice

Harman Ice and Cold Storage, Inc. is a full service ice manufacturing and distribution company and also a public refrigerated warehouse located in Johnson City and Knoxville, Tennessee. We offer ice delivery to customers in Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina. Let Harman Ice become your supplier of crystal clear packaged ice today!

Why Harman Ice?

Customers have depended on Harman Ice since 1915. That's why we're the largest ice producer and supplier in east Tennessee and southwest Virginia.

  • Fully automated machines produce 250 tons of pure ice each day and produce over 50,000 seven- pound packages
  • Storage capacity of 750,000 seven-pound packages of ice means we can always meet our customers' demand
  • Prompt delivery by courteous route persons in modern refrigerated trucks.
  • Maintenance program keeps display machines clean and in good repair.
  • Pure Ice. Packaged Right. Delivered on Time.